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Our Bootcamps focus on helping you learn through practice while connecting with like-minded peers to grow together with. We turn individual online learning into a 360° social learning experience where you can achieve your goals!

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The best community cohort experience I've had to date. Starting small gave me the confidence to try new things without worrying about the fear of failure.


The Community is full of people who encourage, support and learn from each other! ❤️


Outstanding experience. If you want to join an inspirational community and learn A LOT, that's for you. It goes without saying that you CREATE stuff!!


Super for hands-on help with real-time problems & challenges you are facing. And an excellent place to pose your questions and get feedback from a broad base of experience.


This was a whirlwind of learning, but I have gained so much more through this month than the months of self learning I have tried!!


Amazing people, and a supportive community to achieve your goal.


I really liked that the course is designed for full-time workers! I could easily fit in the lessons in my schedule and appreciated the time given to apply learnings!


Intense but very rewarding course as you learn how to become the best version of yourself.


🔥creators + knowledge 🧠 + ♥️ community + 👌 mentors = magic


We’ve done it in the past and are committed to ensure high-quality in all our Bootcamps

Over the last few months, we’ve already run several Bootcamps in collaboration with outstanding creators coming from leading companies worldwide.

Nuno Simaria

Former CTO @HelloFresh | Advisor and Investor

Rosie Sherry

Co-Founder @Rosieland | Former Indie Hackers

Markus Müller

Product advisor | Former Product Head @N26

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